Thursday, May 7, 2020

See it Live Streamed...Governor and Arkansas, Surrounded by Prayer: Today is National Day of Prayer

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National Day of Prayer, Arkansas State Capitol
Thursday, May 7, 9AM—9:30AM | Governor and Arkansas, Surrounded by Prayer

May 7, 2020, LITTLE ROCK— During a pandemic moment in America, Arkansas, on the 69th Observance of the National Day of Prayer re-opens with a Prayer Service at the Arkansas State Capitol. Governor Hutchinson will offer words of uplift and will be prayed with and for by faith leaders.   Prayers will be offered from the biblical outline with a cleansing of the nation by the washing of the Word of God. The Arkansas State Capitol Prayer Service takes place on May 7, 2020, from 9AM—9:30AM. It will be live streamed and is being themed; “AND WITH THIS FAITH.”

The National Day of Prayer nationwide will be a relevant source of strength amid the coronavirus pandemic  in our state and nation,” stated Rev. Arthur L. Hunt, Jr., National Day of Prayer Arkansas State Coordinator. Hunt will lead the service as he and others including Bishop Gary E. Mueller, episcopal leader of the United Methodist Church, Dr. Phillip Pointer, Pastor Saint Mark Baptist Church, Apostle Saint Mary Harris of House of Bread Deliverance Church and others will pray with and for Governor Asa Hutchinson for the entire state. A national prayer leader, Rev. David Ford from Phoenix Arizona, will offer a prayer from Arkansas to uplift America.  Due to guidelines on public gathering, this year, the live streaming allows everyone to be connected to the National Day of Prayer service.  The streaming is being provided by Faith First Responders United, and and other local networks.

At the prayer service Governor Hutchinson will be surrounded by faith leaders who will also offer prayers for: President Trump, the government— congress, elected officials, state and local leaders; military and police, doctors, nurses, hospitals, medical first responders, first responders, the economy—businesses and employees; education; teachers, students, professors and administrators, families; the marginalized in our community – homeless, food insecure, suddenly jobless, pastors and churches, faith first responders and the state of Arkansas. 

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Friday, May 1, 2020

"And With This Faith" Faith Leaders Prepare for National Day of Prayer, May 7, at State Capitol

Contact:  Rev. Arthur L. Hunt, Jr., D.D. | National Day of Prayer, Arkansas State Coordinator  870.623.8179  
Faith First Responders United, COO | 501.683.8555

National Day of Prayer Arkansas State Capitol Observance Thursday, May 7, 11AM
      {Via Live Stream: No Public Gathering}

May 1, 2020, LITTLE ROCK— The cleansing of the nation from Arkansas across America by the washing of the Word of God will be the backdrop for the National Day of Prayer, Arkansas State Capitol Observance that takes place on May 7, 2020.  The 69th Observance is themed: “AND WITH THIS FAITH.” It is scheduled from 11am—11:30am inside the Governor’s Press Room at the State Capitol. The prayer focus will declare how faith in God is the driving power gained from reading and praying God’s Word. The National Day of Prayer nationwide will be a relevant source of strength amid the coronavirus pandemic. Due to guidelines on gathering in churches and venues, this year a different format is taking place and will be streamed live.

The Happenings: Inside and Outside the Capitol
At 11am, Governor Hutchinson will be surrounded by seven persons who all will be offering prayers from Arkansas across America in this 30-minute National Day of Prayer Observance. We will pray for Arkansas and America. Governor Hutchinson will be positioned in the center of this spirit and prayer-filled moment and surrounded by three prayer leaders on each side praying for:
  1. Government & Military
    1. President, Congress & Agencies
    2. State & Local Leaders
    3. Military & Police
2.       Doctors, Nurses, Hospitals, Medical First Responders, First Responders
  1. The Economy: Businesses & Employees
  2. Education: Teachers, Students, Professors & Administrators
  3. Families
  4. The Marginalized in Our Community – Homeless, Food Insecure, Suddenly Jobless
7.       Pastors & Churches; Faith First Responders

During the Hours of 8am and 12noon, The Faith First Responders will be on the steps of the State Capitol prior to and during the service in groups of ten, with ministers, pastors and Faith First Responders, praying and reading scripture passages on to uplift Arkansans on behalf of their communities.  It will be a day where more people will be set to pray and re-enter their communities with even a greater passion for love, unity and truly being a part of a nation that is truly ‘ONE’ under God.  For more information and how the lineup will go at the State Capitol, to get on the life stream, etc. persons may call 501.683.8555 or visit

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