Thursday, April 2, 2020

THE CLEANSE... Resurrection Sunday.... America Back to God

America Returns to God... Resurrection Sunday, April 12, 2020
After Being Coronalized and a G.O.D. Shutdown…
~The Cleansing of the Nation through the Washing of the Word~
“Resurrection Sunday 2020—The Nation Unites, Reads and Prays Forward the Entire Bible

In partnership with Faith First Responders United, the National Governors' Prayer Team and leaders/organizations across the nation representing the 50 United States of America, THE CLEANSE launches on Good Friday, April 9, 2020.

Every state in America signs on and mobilizes people from all walks of life to convene for a universal spiritual cleanse. From homes, smart phones, tablets, etc., this ONLINE cleanse unites individuals, churches, schools, national leaders, etc. to read through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation in a 24-hour day of “Cleansing the Nation through the Washing of the Word.” It will be a day where love, unity and humility as a spiritual IV, will be the formula transferred and released across the USA into the veins of thousands who want to be cleansed through repentance and a new start.  The ‘Whole Bible’ will be read, from Genesis to Revelation in a national uplift and cleanse of our nation. 

Did God’s people drop the ball on what he meant by us having ‘clean hands?’ Did we get too careless and neglect to do things His way? God’s love and desire for us is to be united in Him, and holy and not just for a short season. Too much hate, prejudice, discrimination, evil speech, and contamination has infected God’s creation. This is about re-ordering things that have for too long been out of order and returning it and ourselves back to God’s original and right order.  It will not be the Nation’s business as usual. This world as we know it is OVER! So what will the new nation look like?

A. Repenting of our Sins
1. Transgression of God’s Law (putting man’s law over His law)
2. Lack of love (not a form of love that's on display temporarily but in true and perpetual demonstration)
3.  Having and serving other god’s over the one true and living God
B. Take an Oath/Covenant of Love
1.  We as individuals
2.  We as members of the Body of Christ
3.   We as ‘One Nation Under God’ (this is the rededication and signing on with a National Covenant of Repentance and Love)
C. Happening Now
1.       A Spiritual I.V. is in progress and we all need an infusion and a sanctified vaccination and cure for the disease of sin. Inviting prayer groups, organizations, families, and ministries to sign on along the way.
D. Save the Date: Resurrection Sunday 2020  
1.  4.12.20 | Online Signing of the New Nation Covenant of Repentance and Love (an oath declaring America Back to God)
2.  THE CLEANSE USA GOD’S WAY website launches on Friday, April 9, 2020.

Rev. Arthur L. Hunt, Jr., D.D.| National Director, Faith First Responders United  870.623.8179

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