Sunday, March 15, 2020

Faith First Responders Respond to Coronavirus With Online Ministries for Such a Time as Now

Online Ministries for Times Such as Now

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has hit and ministries must be ready or get ready for technology shifts in the world of radio and television broadcasts. Keeping your message and ministry connected to your congregation and many others is in high priority.  We know the challenges and can help you respond in short order.

Two things are being setup for ministries to stay connected:

1. We are currently preparing to get ministries into our studio and begin taping both for radio and television to be sure that the messages and the information how the faith-based leaders and ministries will remain current and on point.

2. Your ministry needs and deserves a venue. The need to setup and begin a broadcast for radio and/or television is now in high demand.  Immediate needs in ministry and education are requiring that platforms that are both superb in quality.  Access this special opportunity that gets you on our radio/television platforms during the next 7-10 days and beyond. and and Faith First Responders is available now. Call us at 501.683.8555.  Get the details at and see us live at  or email us at:

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