Thursday, September 14, 2017

Faith First Responders Head to DC to Pray at MLK Memorial: This Sunday Worship Service at MLK Memorial

~The Church in One Accord at the MLK Memorial~
Sunday Morning October 6, 2017| 11AM | Awaken The Dawn

Las Vegas Shooting: 59 Killed and More Than 500 Hurt Near Mandalay Bay (

YES—Beyond our Denominations-Races, and All the Church-State Separation Politics- Beyond the Social Uprisings and Violence over the past 50+ years. America... It's Praying Time in the USA. Join is in DC at the MLK Memorial on Sunday, October 8, 2017.
‘It was a horror show’: Mass shooting leaves more than 59 dead, 200 wounded on Las Vegas Strip

If (when) my people who are called by my name… would humble themselves and pray and seek My face, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their (our) sins and heal our land.

Beginning October 6th-9th, thousands of Christians will converge on the National Mall for four days of prayer for our nation and the first-ever Tent of Tent Meeting at Awaken the Dawn. 

On Sunday morning, October 8th there will be National Worship Service at the MLK Memorial at 11AM.  “The Power of Oneness—The Church in One Accord,” will bring the worship and prayer leaders together to pray forward the renewed commitment of love, unity, sacrifice exemplified by Christ and modeled by Rev. Dr. King, back to our communities. 

We have a major opportunity to mobilize and unite thousands of people to hear about our leading of this worship service, pray it forward and plan to attend. We will declare and demonstrate that what Rev. Dr. King said on December 18, 1963, regarding that the 11 O’clock hour on Sunday morning was the most segregated hour of the week is…  No more, not here in the Church that Jesus builtWE ARE ONE IN CHRIST JESUS! 

How will we do it?  Who will lead?  How can everyone join us in our prayer march and movement to ‘making God great again’ in America and in our world?

At the Sunday Morning Worship at the MLK Memorial we will gather and pray but we will also release strategic plans and we will also do the pre-Launch of the first bible that brings the prayers and strategies from the lessons of God’s word that were demonstrated by the prophets and spiritual leaders in the Old and New Testament and also modeled by Rev. Dr. King.  

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