Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Father's Day and Juneteenth: Fathers/Men Standing in the Gap at the Arkansas State Capitol


                  Father’s Day 2022—The Launching of Faith First Responders United

Fathers/Men…Transforming the Culture… Defeating The Violence in the ARK

Sunday June 19 | 8am—9am | Arkansas State Capitol

We have never defeated violence in Arkansas: No agency/commission. That’s about to end. The understanding, and vision—approach to defeating violence must be as aggressive, creative and all-out as it has been to defeat the virus (of COVID). Nothing Less! We did not know what to do when we saw the pandemic? But we did something! We could not blame it on a race, a geography, a gender, a class, etc. We had to see one thing. The virus kills and so does Violence… But Now Comes, Love, Honor, Unity… FAITH. The Cure!  Rev. Arthur L. Hunt, Jr., D.D.

The time has come from Arkansas across America... Faith First Responders United, The College of Aspiring Artists, JoynetRadio.com, faith-based ministries, corporations, organizations are ‘transforming the culture and defeating the violence.’ Men, fathers, community leaders, elected officials, educators, artists, visionaries, innovators… are declaring, we are the difference.

Inviting and enlisting the first 100 Faith First Responders who are in 'the ready' to be the change and transform the culture from the hate, evil, violence, wickedness, etc... Back to God is the order of the day. Who's In?  Arkansas Faith leaders are getting prepping to bring forth a “Cultural Transformation

Father’s Day, June 19th is also Juneteenth and is set to be “The Day of Transformation” in Little Rock and the launching of the Faith First Responders to mitigate the dysfunctions, disorder, and dis-ease in the culture and community that breed and create a furtherance in violence and violent outbreaks.

To register and be a part of the inaugural group that will have the opportunity to gain certification

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